Luxury defined by you
Be Like a Tree.
Stay grounded.
Connect with your roots.
Turn over a new leaf.
Bend before you break.
Enjoy your unique
natural beauty.
Keep Growing.

Joanne Raplis

About our Logo

Every year, a tree forms a new growth ring. These organically-shaped concentric rings symbolise age, wisdom and of time the tree spent grounded in earth. The same beautiful rings used in our logo visually communicate our brand's intention to bring our collective experience to your business. Imprint Luxury, a company founded by three generations of one family, brings the best of our years of experience and time spent on this earth.

About Us

Imprint Luxury is a company espousing a collaboration between three generations X -Y- Z of family, businessmen and Women to bring a new dimension to the industry, which aims not only to bring vibrant and refreshing services to all clients, but also to bring demographic reflective diversity, which is culturally, historically and traditionally aligned to our past, present and future as Africans and South Africans.

Our motto: Luxury Defined By You

Our three-irregular concentric bronze tinged logo against a navy background, depicts the three generations. In our own tradition, X marks the centre, bringing stability and wisdom with a tinge of conservatism. But, the Y generation revelling from the 1990s to 1996 bring an emersion into XXXX, and then we have the Digital, Carefree, Generation X bringing a new age of flair, Can do unencumbered freedom and an embracing of a new phenomenon where technology and a spirit like no other abounds.

We are all too aware, that our name infers opulence and high-end magnificence. Far from that, as our motto pronounces, we believe that luxury cannot be determined by financial and material connotations only, but that irrespective of economic and social class distinctions, people can enjoy luxury within a new dimension of Africanism, rather than always trending western thinking. In short, you define luxury.

We are a proudly South African company with headquarters in Cape Town at the Ideas Cartel, a hippest new block in Green Point. We have offices in Johannesburg and one in the pipeline for Durban. We pride ourselves in uplifting young talent through our work with job shadow and internship programmes. We are committed to transformation and have a level one BBBEE status. Our team have outstanding experience and skill and have well established relationships with a vast network of influencers who value working with us; as we are with them.

Our Company Values

Collaboration I Consistency I Honesty I Integrity I Sustainable Business Practices I Transparency

Our Mission Statement Our Services

Luxury Defined By You through collaboration with our clients and our family of service providers. When they are not family, they are bloody good at what they do, and Imprint Luxury recognises that to deliver a suite of services beyond reproach, only the best in their respective industries count.

Our Services

Imprint Luxury work’s with a diverse portfolio of clients, from high-end local fashion designers to start-ups and multinationals.

We nurture close working partnerships with each of our clients, keeping their unique needs and objectives at the heart of it all. This leads the way for meticulously tailored campaigns that engage the right audiences, at the right time.